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The Chapter is launched!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) Hong Kong & Macao Chapter was launched on 4th November 2020. The 'hybrid' launch ceremony was attended by over 100 Rotarians, both on site at the Exchange Square, Central Hong Kong, and virtually with RAGFP leaders and Peacebuilders around the World.

A screenshot of virtual particpants of the Celebration
Participants witness the Launch of the Chapter online

‘We founded the Chapter because of our firm belief in what Rotary could represent,’ says PP Mitzi Leung, Chair of the Chapter, who is confident that the Chapter will help the community to embrace peace in the new normal. ‘I believe this RAGFP Chapter has a unique and special place to help us to do just that.’

DG Alison Sutherland, Chair of the RAGFP, praised the Chapter for its outstanding

DG Alison Sutherland
DG Alison Sutherland

contribution to the RAGFP, including the creation of new Peacebuilder Clubs. ‘I believe your Chapter is a template for Chapters. On behalf of the RAGFP and myself, I wish to congratulate you all on this wonderful initiative. The RAGFP will be privileged to support you in whatever way we can.’

Ever since the Chapter was conceptualised at the RAGFP General Meeting in Hamburg, the would-be Founding Members had already engaged in peacebuilding. In August 2020, peace projects devised by the Chapter was adopted by several Rotary Clubs for District Grant Application: Rotary Positive Peace Academy for Youth Leader, United Nations International Days, and Peace Garden Project for Primary School, just to name a few.

From left to right, PDG Joseph Lee, DG Eric Chak and PP Mitzi Leung officiated at the Launch with the ribbon cutting ceremony.
From left to right, PDG Joseph Lee, DG Eric Chak and PP Mitzi Leung officiated at the Launch with the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Launch of the Chapter means now there is a formal structure, a solid foundation on which peacebuilding activities in the region can be built. PP Mitzi expects that peacebuilding activities will be even more effective with a formal structure in place.

To mark this historical occasion, the Chapter presented the Rotary & Peace Exhibition in Exchange Square in late October, featuring the peacebuilding commitments of Rotarians since the 20th century.

An overhead shot of the Exhibition lit at night

The exhibition also showcased the current initiatives and main features of the Chapter and the RAGFP, leading to the outlook of positive peace through the lens of the Futures of Education and the Peace School programmes.

PDG Eugene and PP Mitzi proudly present the Rotary Peace Milestones to the visitors.
PDG Eugene and PP Mitzi proudly present the Rotary Peace Milestones to the visitors

The exhibition was well-received, with close to 300 Rotarians and guests visiting the exhibition and walking the path of Rotary and Peace from the past to the present and the future.

PP Alex elaborates on the panel to fellow Rotarians
PP Alex Leung elaborates on the panel to fellow Rotarians and guests

The Chapter expects to draw support through the exhibition for its current projects. Already ongoing is the Peace School Scheme, which connects Peace Schools with each other and encourages them to organise peacebuilding activities. Several local schools and school sponsoring bodies expressed interest and attended the briefing session for the Scheme on 5th November 2020.

In the Futures of Education – a Rotary Perspective initiative, the Chapter is currently gathering opinions from Rotarians on how future education should be. Rotarians are encouraged to join the discussion by completing the survey on by 20th November 2020.

The curators of the exhibit, Rotarian Danielle Hou and Ms Chantal Chan encourage Rotarians to participate in the peacebuilding missions of the Chapter. ‘We wish that this exhibition incites you to rethink the definition and positive impact of peace in today’s society, and that you resonate with Rotary’s peace-driven goals.’

The Exhibition is now available in virtual form on

Take part in the peacebuilding activities of the Chapter now to support its mission!


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