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What is Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP)?

RAGFP is an independent and international group recognized by Rotary International as an official entity that empowers and supports peace work of Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts worldwide.

It was formed in 2012 by Rotarians who share the same mission of promoting and advocating positive peace around the world.  It is to provide assistance and support to Districts and Clubs in implementing large-scale community development and humanitarian service projects.

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Why form RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter?

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Rotary movement knows no politics. Promotion of positive peace as advocated by RAGFP is only timely. Formation of a Hong Kong & Macao Chapter will encourage and facilitate Rotarians to promote, advocate and pursue positive peace in our community.



What do we do?

  • To promote the concept of positive peace to Rotary network and to encourage continued engagement in peace building activities.

  • To set up peace training platforms to raise community awareness in and understanding of the concept of positive peace;

  • In collaboration with District 3450 and other peace organizations, to encourage Rotary Clubs to plan and organize peace building activities, and integrate peace into Clubs’ service projects;


  • To raise funds to help finance peacebuilding activities, including the provision of assistance and support for Clubs’ application for global and district grants;

  • To link with RAGFP and other Chapters for international fellowship, and to keep abreast with development of peacebuilding efforts, initiatives and projects of other Chapters; with a view to identifying information exchange and co-operation opportunities.



How to become a member?

RAGFP Membership opens to 

Take your first step towards pursuing your passion for peace.

When you join the Rotary Action Group for Peace, we will empower you with the knowledge, ideas, networks and support you need to help advance peace both in your community and around the globe.

USD 50   1-Year Rotarian Membership

USD 15   1-Year Peace Fellow Membership

USD 5   1-Year Rotaract Membership

Membership + Donation (USD 50 +)

RAGFP Membership.png

RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter Membership 

RAGFP Membership is required for RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter Membership. All Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary Alumni of District 3450 are encouraged to join as individual members.

A. Founding Membership

They make a defined financial contribution to the Chapter on or before the end of Rotary year   

2020/21.  All Founding members are voting members;

B. Voting Membership

Voting members may stand for election to the Board of Directors;

C. General Membership

General members can take part in all activities of the Chapter but do not enjoy the power to vote



Administration costs are to be kept to the minimum.  Projects are to be planned on self-financing basis through project income or project specific sponsorship including the following sources of funding:

  • Sponsorship, Charitable Trusts and Foundations, and Government funding;

  • Other outside funding including but not limited to contributions from working partners and/or supporting organizations.

Financing strategy

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The Board

The RAGFP Hong Kong and Macao Chapter is an incorporated on-profit company limited by guarantee and is in process of applying for charitable organization status under the Inland Revenue Ordinance Section 88.

A.    The Board shall comprise not 

more than eleven (11) directors including the following officers:

(a) Chariman;
(b) Two Vice-chairmen;
(c) Honorary Treasurer;
(d) Honorary Secretary;

B.    All Directors must be Voting 

Donation Box.png

Members of the Chapter.​

Board of Directors of
RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter 2022-2023

Member Name
PDG Eric Chak
PP Joy Choi
Vice Chair
PP Kenneth Poon
Vice Chair
PP Dominic Ko
Honorary Treasurer
CP Heman Lam
Honorary Secretary
PP Ruby Chang
PDG Ada Cheng
PDG Wilson Cheng
PP Elizabete Fong
PDG Eugene Fong
PP Mitzi Leung
Founding Chair & Director


The Way Forward

Education and Empowerment

(a)    Through the Rotary Positive

Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Rotary Alumni regarding peacebuilding principles and strategies;

Peace Academy and other training platforms, to educate and empower 

(b)    To encourage Clubs to organize 

peace service projects or integrate peace into service projects in

other areas of focus.

Learn More


To initiative peacebuilding projects, either on its own or in collaboration with other organizations to promote and advocate for positive peace.

Peace School Scheme

The Scheme is to support peace education in schools and address community and youth needs in meeting social challenges, and provide international exposure opportunities through Rotary.  This aligns with Rotary’s areas of focus in Promoting Peace and Supporting Education.  


Founding members of
RAGFP Hong Kong & Macao Chapter


(as of Jan 2023; in alphabetical order)

Donna Buckland
Eric Chak
Ruby Chang
Colin Chau
Wilson Cheng
Ada Cheng
Michael Choi
Joy Choi
Stanley Choi
Fatima Ferreira
Elizabete Fong
Eugene Fong
HW Fung
David Ho
Laurence Ho
Regan Ho
Dominic Ko
Heman Lam
Miranda Lam
Kent Lao
Norman Lee
Stanley Lee
Samuel Leong
Tenny Leung
Mitzi Leung
Andy Li
Gabriel Li
Nigel Lo
Spencer Lo
Henry Ng
Winnie Ng
Phoebe Pang
Kenneth Poon
William Shum
Sarah Tam
Samuel Tsang
John Wan
Andy Wong
Bonnie Wong
Byron Wong
Elsa Wong
Derrick Wong
Peter Wong
Jason Yeung
Norman Yeung
William Yung
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