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Rotary Representatives to UNESCO

During her stay in Paris this weekend, Jennifer Jones , President-elect of Rotary International, visited UNESCO and meet with Jean-Yves Le Saux, the UNESCO Director of the Bureau of Strategic Planning and Sabina Colombo, Head of Unit for Civil Society Partnerships.

The relationship and cooperation between Rotary and UNESCO is longstanding and goes back to 1942 when Rotary organized the London Conference of Allied Ministers of Education, which led to the creation of UNESCO.

The vision, objectives and programs of our two organizations overlap and converge on many levels. We share the same philosophy. We defend education for all regardless of race, gender, beliefs and cultures. As advocates for the protection and diversity of cultures, we are convinced of the power of dialogue as a source of tolerance and mutual respect. Convinced of the benefits of science, we also believe in and work for a sustainable development.


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