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Youth Peace Programme 2020

In these unprecedented times where the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest continues to spread and persist in Hong Kong, the impact is felt by almost every individual and organization.

So what can be done to sustain the development of our community while still maintaining social distancing?

Youth Peace Program 2020 aims to support the services of Rotary clubs in coming up with a peace project. The Program will cover funding strategies, social innovation (design thinking), online workshops, and tools for Rotarians like yourself to build and sustain peace in Hong Kong.

The Rotary Action Group for Peace D3450 Chapter will comprehensively support your peace project through

1) recruiting local partners for your peace project

2) Peace subject-matter advisory and

3) helping your club to apply for your first SDG World Record Certificate (

Youth Peace Program 2020 supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals 16 for our community.

To get involved in the Programme, please contact or whatsapp (852)5288-4764.


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