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Youth Peace Programmes

Peace Garden Project for Primary School


For school students to build connection to nature and develop peaceful mindset


  1. Establishment of a Chinese medicine team and recruit students interested in planting, educate them with basic cultivation and Chinese medicine knowledge.

  2. The education process is espcially designed to be people-oriented, the instructors will use the "Design Thinking" method, allowing students to design various Chinese medicine products for annual large scale events. Preliminary idea of the Chinese medicine product is the anti-mosquito sachet, which is made with mint, wormwood and lemongrass.

  3. Invitation of professionals from the Chinese medicine industry, to launch the i) planting and ii) sachet-making workshops for the members.

  4. The final products (anti-mosquito sachets) can be a gift to give back to the community, or as a souvenir to guests during school's annual events.

* In case of pandemic districtions, both the planting and sachet-making workshops shall be conducted online. The planting and schet materials can be send to the members via home delivery.

If you are interested in the project, contact us for support.

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